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Say goodbye to menopause the natural way with our broad spectrum CBD products

Nutrivive CBD is the U.K's leading CBD brand. Natural CBD Products Trusted and Backed by Science. Designed to Ease Symptoms of Menopause


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We’re setting a new standard

For many years “the change” was a taboo subject where women suffered in silence and on their own. There was little conversation which led to not knowing if the symptoms were normal and or common.

Nutrivive promise to be a beacon within the menopause community shedding light in a place where everything was once dark and hidden away. We are doing this by providing the correct education, support and tried & tested high quality products. 

Do you feel like a stranger in your own body? 

It is time for that to change with Nutrivive.

How CBD can ease symptoms of menopause?

Why choose Nutrivive?



We work with only the best hand picked suppliers to ensure that all of our products from seed to sale  are completely vegan friendly and free from animal cruelty.



We source our hemp from high quality farms in Colorado that use organic farming methods. Meaning they don’t farm using GMO’s, pesticides or any nasties.



We go above and beyond the stringent standards of the U.K CBD regulations set out by the FSA novel food to ensure that we have 0% THC in any of our products, every single time. 


3rd party lab tested

All of our products are 3rd party lab tested by Phytovista Labs a specialist ISO accredited laboratory for CBD & hemp. testing to ensure high quality CBD content & there is no pesticides or heavy metals.


Non - toxic extraction

Our extraction methods are seen as the “Gold standard” We use Co2 extraction methods with our CBD products. This is the cleanest and purest type of extraction for CBD oil.



Our commitment to sustainability is not only shown through the use of 90% of our packaging being recyclable & also made by recycled material. We also plant 1 tree for every product sold with our partners One tree planted.

Buy supplements for menopause

CBD oil for a balanced, healthy state of mind, say goodbye to anxious thoughts and hello to calm.

Restore the natural energy in your mind & body as menosleep helps you drift off to a dreamy sleep.

Up your strength and say goodbye to those nasty aches and pains.

1000mg CBD oil

1000mg strength

CBD oil for a balanced, healthy state of mind. Say goodbye to anxious thoughts and hello to calm.

2000mg CBD oil

2000mg strength

Restore the natural energy in your body & mind as menosleep helps you drift off to a dreamy sleep.

3000mg CBD oil

3000mg strength

Up your strength and say goodbye to those nasty aches and pains.




CBD moisturiser

For healthy, glowy, radiant skin. Hi hydration.

CBD balm

Experience soothing comfort with our CBD infused pain relief balm.



Something for everyone

Find out what our customers have to say about our products and find your perfect match for an (even) better you.

It's not you, it's the menopause

There are 34 symptoms of menopause and when menopause starts, and often well before, women can stop feeling like themselves. Hormones go way off and with them your mood, temperature regulation goes out the window, restful sleep becomes a non-existent, and mental clarity completely disappears. Women are left to “deal with it.” alone and we think that’s unacceptable.

Our specially designed CBD products are formulated specifically for during the day and through the night so you can say Hello Again to YOU wherever and whenever you need it.

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CBD for menopause

Feeling like a stranger in your own body? Feeling helpless and drained? Menopause can be a daunting time for women due to the many changes going on inside the body, but CBD could be the natural product you have been looking for. Find out how it can ease your symptoms: