Does CBD show up in a drugs test?

Does CBD oil show up on a drug test? This is a common question people want to know the answer to, especially if they are applying for a construction or transportation job. In the United Kingdom, drug tests are becoming increasingly common in these industries, since they are inexpensive and relatively accurate. We all know that THC will show up in a drug test, but how about CBD? Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than a simple yes or no answer

CBD has become incredibly popular for everything from providing pain relief to helping facilitate more restful sleep. The concern some people have is that they will fail a drug test if CBD is detected. Since CBD is supposed to be THC-free, there shouldn’t be a problem, right? After all, a drug test will not check for CBD.

The thing is, some CBD products do actually contain minute amounts of THC. This, in theory, may lead to a failed drug test. Keep reading to find out whether CBD oil shows up on a drug test.

Can taking CBD lead to failing a drug test?

In theory, yes, you can fail a drug test if you take CBD. However, there are ways to avoid that happening.

CBD comes from the cannabis plant, which contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids. This includes psychoactive THC. According to a recent analysis of several dozen products containing CBD, around a quarter of them had enough THC to potentially lead to psychoactive side effects.

Manufacturers will sometimes state that they have gotten rid of all THC from their products. This may be true, but you wouldn’t want to simply take their word for it, especially if you’re applying for a job you really want to get. Third-party testing and accurate labels are essential to reduce the chance of failing a drug test when taking CBD.

There is also the risk of getting a false-positive. This usually only happens if you are taking one, or more, of the following drugs:

  • Dronabinol
  • NSAIDs like ibuprofen
  • Pantoprazole
  • Efavirenz

How you can fail a drug test if you take CBD

When it comes to CBD products and failing drug tests, there are a few major ways it can happen. Being aware of these will help ensure that you pass a drug test. Here are the most common reasons that you should keep in mind.

Using CBD products containing THC 

By far the most common reason CBD shows up on a drug test is due to the CBD product containing THC. Lower-quality CBD products will have a tiny amount of THC that was not removed, so it can trigger a positive for THC on a drug test. Since the UK legal threshold is 0.2% THC, there are stricter protocols to follow than countries like the United States, where up to 0.3% THC is permissible.

Cross-contamination with THC

Cross-contamination of a CBD product with THC can occur when CBD is extracted from cannabis material which is also high in THC. If not enough of the THC is removed, it may show up on a drug test. This usually occurs in CBD products obtained from cannabis dispensaries rather than CBD retailers.

Mislabeled products

According to UK law, CBD products are not allowed to contain more than 0.2% THC. The issue is that sellers will sometimes mislabeled products as being THC-free when they actually have some THC. Labeling something as THC-free makes it sound like there is 0% THC, yet this isn’t always the case. In fact, a majority of CBD products have been found to be mislabeled in this way

How you can avoid testing positive on a drug test

When you follow the proper precautions, you will not have an issue with failing a drug test when using CBD. If you want to continue taking CBD products while also needing to take a drug test, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Research CBD products thoroughly

Before you begin using any CBD product, research it thoroughly. See if the manufacturer provides a Certificate of Analysis, which indicates a third-party testing facility has given specific information on how much CBD and THC is in the products. At Nutrivive, we take our batch testing seriously as we ensure each batch is also tested by an independent laboratory, and post all of our results on our website. These can be easily found here on our Lab Reports page.

Ask questions

If you can’t find enough information on the label or in the information provided by the manufacturer on their website, reach out to them and ask about their processing techniques. You can also ask whether there is a risk of cross-contamination with THC.

Only use broad-spectrum CBD products

Broad-spectrum CBD products are products that were originally full-spectrum but have undergone a THC remediation process. Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the cannabinoids present in the source plant material. THC remediation removes THC by heating up CBD oil just high enough for the THC to evaporate. What you end up getting is a CBD product without any THC at all.

Wrapping up

As you can see, the question, “Does CBD oil show on a drug test?” is not cut-and-dry. Drug tests will never test for CBD due to it not have any psychoactive effects on its own. Also, it is legal in the United Kingdom. However, if you take a low-quality CBD product, you may still fail a drug test due to any of the issues we mentioned earlier. 

If you want to avoid testing positive on a drug test for THC, then you can follow our guide here. When you do, you can confidently apply for that job you want and take the required drug test, without being anxious about not passing it.

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