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Making the world a better place, one tree at a time

Our mission ?

How we aim to become carbon neutral

The world’s forests are disappearing, and they are disappearing fast. If we don’t act now, deforestation could mean that by 2030 only 10% of the planets’ forests will remain.

To date Nutrivive customers have helped us replant more than 10,000 trees across the globe and we’re just getting started.

What is the problem?

Originally, Earth was covered by 15-16 million square kilometres of wild primary forest.

The world’s original forests are disappearing and they are disappearing fast. We risk only having 10% left by 2030 if we don’t make some serious changes. 

The devestation

It is our responsibility to leave our planet the way we found it and work hard to achieve a sustainable existence with all Earth’s creatures.

Human’s have cleared over 3 trillion trees; cultivated half of the Earth’s fertile land and fished in most of the ocean.

As a result, the population of wild animals has reduced by more than 60% in just the last 50 years. The loss of biodiversity is one of the reasons the Earth is now struggling to regulate its temperature and is a major contributor to climate change.

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About one tree planted

One tree planted is an amazing, non-profit organisation that works tirelessly, planting trees across the globe on behalf of businesses like us. Their work to restore the forests that are vital to our planet’s survival is essential — and, for that, we are truly grateful.

When you buy any Nutrivive product, not only have you become part of the Nutrivive team, but you will have contributed towards restoring the wellness of our planet with one tree planted.

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“Although this is exciting, it is just the beginning. As we grow as a business, so too will our giving back projects. We aim to support One Tree Planted and look forward to partnering with many more amazing people working towards the same goal… restoring balance” ― Team Nutrivive

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