1500mg CBD oil bundle


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Drop your way to a more balanced, recovered and rested you! The perfect addition to your daily wellness routine to promote a dreamy nights sleep, calm the mind, reduce inflammation within the body.


For full body recovery and boosting feelings of calm and serenity. Your new go-to for optimum wellness!


CBD (of course) + MCT Oil






of woman agreed that 3000mg CBD oil eased their pain

Why 3000mg CBD oil for menopause

The strength of CBD oil will impact the effect it has on your body. This differs from person to person however, the higher the strength, the higher the impact. There are 34 symptoms of menopause but our 3000mg is the perfect product for full body recovery, promoting a healthy sleeping pattern and easing feelings of anxiety. The 3000mg really is good at everything and even better, it’s all natural!

How to take CBD oil

Simply drop your desired dosage under your tongue and hold for 60-90 seconds before swallowing.

Take morning + night + even in the afternoon for your afternoon pick me up! Can be a great natural pick me up instead of your afternoon coffee.

When to take CBD oil


  • start your day with clarity
  • no more brain fog
  • promotes a balanced healthy state of mind
  • relaxes the mind and promotes healthy moods
  • increases energy levels
  • aids recover


  • energises your mind
  • mid-day pick me up
  • ease stressful/nervous energy. 


  • relaxes the mind
  • calming and sedating effect
  • deeper more relaxed sleep
  • erase running thoughts
  • wind down and relax
  • feel moments of tranquility

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Non – toxic extraction

3rd party lab tested




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Frequently asked questions

At Nutrivive, We take time to perfect our products, which means that when we release a new product on to the market, our customers will get the best possible option there is to buy. This is a lengthily process but the results are worth the wait. So for that reason, when our products do finally reach the market, we don’t want our customers to wait any longer. This is why we offer fast, safe next day UK delivery options that ensure we can quickly get you on your CBD journey and get the results you require. To review all our delivery options visit our “shipping and returns policy” here.

As a business, we are fully focused on building and sustaining the reputation of a brand that can be trusted and loved by everyone who uses us for any of the services we provide. Whether it be our CBD products, wellness products, free courses or services, it all strives towards our goal of building trust and helping wherever and however we can. We would like to think this is one of the reasons we have such a large community of solid core retuning customers, who love our products and cant wait to recommend us to anyone who would benefit from our services. But this love isn’t a one way street, in fact, far from it. We love that people who are as enthusiastic about our products as we are, are our there spreading the word about Nutrivive and it is only right we repay each one as best as we can. 

The Nutrivive loyalty programme provides many benefits that users can enjoy anytime they want, without any limits on usage. You are provided with a special code which is unique to you and this is your key to the ultimate Nutrivive experience. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Huge discounts on all products.
  • Amazing Product bundles, which are aimed to optimize user experience and are exclusively available to loyalty members.
  • Free next day shipping on all orders, regardless of order size.
  • You will be notified to all new courses, products and useful content before they are launched.
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  • For each product you buy 3 plants will be planted in its place, meaning we are committed to doing more for that planet, together.
  • So much more…

Nutrivive continually strive towards setting industry-leading standards, especially when it come to our product range. This starts with the natural ingredients that is used and the extraction methods used to safely extract the CBD element of our product. Although it is the most expensive, Nutrivive use the CO2 extraction method as it is widely regarded to be the best extraction method. CO2 is a natural compound and offers a non synthetic option and means that there is no risk when small doses are humanly consumed, as we actually naturally produce CO2 within our bodies. There is also little risk that the CBD product will become contaminated during the extraction process, unlike other options such as solvents, that can leave behind toxic residues and unwanted substances.

As well as safer consumption, the CO2 process is also safer during the operation as unlike the equivalent solvent options, CO2 is non-flammable making it safer to work with and also safer and better in terms of the environment too. As mentioned, CO2 may be the most expansive extraction method in the market, but Nutrivive will never compromise consumer safety or product quality at any cost. This is why in the CBD market, you get what you pay for and although it may be a little more expensive, buying high quality CBD products are an investment in the long run.