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Our Values

No 1. Wellness
Overall optimal wellness is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that true health and wellness begins with a burning desire, followed by education and continual practice of the right habits.
No 2. Nature

As one movement, we should all nurture and care for our planet as nature provides us with everything we need to survive. We truly believe in plant healing and the ability nature provides our products with.

No 3. Standards

As industry leaders, we are committed to setting an example that others can follow, allowing for a safer and more trusted industry.

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No 4. Quality & Sourcing

A business is only as good as the products and customer service they provide. That is why we only partner with specially selected companies that exceed our expectations in terms of extremely high product quality standards, sustainable values and environmental goals, providing each customer with the best products on the market.

No 5. Transparency

An open and honest approach is key to building brand credibility. Mandatory batch testing of our products is how we provide our customers with confidence and peace of mind. This is achieved by both in-house and 3rd party lab testing by one of the most respected and credible labs here in the UK. We are proud of the quality of our products and all of our lab reports are posted on our website for every customer to see.

No 6. Sustainability

As a business, we have a huge responsibility to ensure that both our products and packaging use as many different recyclable materials as possible, in order to offset our impact on the planet.

No 7. Future
In this exciting, fast paced industry, we are focused on delivering the most advanced innovative products available within the industry. We excel in the present, to dominate in the future.
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Here is a little insight into
our key principles

The Science.

We use nothing but pure and clean products with absolutely no harmful, harsh or unnatural ingredients. Every single Nutrivive product has our consumers health and safety at the forefront and we would never compromise this at any cost. From our sustainably grown ingredients, to our natural product formulas, we are devoted to produce nothing but clean, organic products the way nature intended them to be.


With every product, comes a series of conscious decisions, all aimed towards the same goal, ensuring our products have minimum impact on our beautiful planet. This starts with sustainability grown hemp, with minimum waste, all the way through to our product containers and packaging. We understand not every single material we use is 100% recyclable, as we also need to consider customer safety. We are continually working hard to find new innovative ways to overcome our shortfalls and one day we will achieve our goal of 100% renewable product materials.


We proudly batch test our products, which go through intense testing procedures to ensure that they surpass our extremely high standards for potency, purity and safety on a consistent basis. Each batch of products are firstly, tested in-house, before they are sent out to one of the most credible and well-respected labs in the U.K. to independently verify each batch.

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