5 CBD myths debunked

The number of people using CBD to treat and relieve various conditions and ailments has skyrocketed over recent years and as CBD becomes increasingly popular, with that unfortunately comes a lot of misinformation!

It’s proving to be a lifeline for many, but if you’re new to CBD, you’re likely looking to get back to get the facts about CBD. You want to know what you’re putting into your body, where CBD comes from and how it will make you feel.

At Nutrivive, we strive to empower our customers through education, give you the facts about CBD oil, and break down all the myths you may have heard!

What is CBD? 

Put simply, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis sativa plant. It is one of the two main cannabinoids identified so far. There are various CBD extraction methods used today, and how it is extracted can tell you a lot about the quality of the CBD.

How does CBD work?

CBD works by interacting with the human body by binding with cannabinoid receptors — part of a complex cell-signalling system in the body known as the endocannabinoid system. When you ingest CBD, the body’s digestive system breaks the substance down and the cannabinoid interacts with these receptors, activating them to produce health benefits.

The five most common myths and the actual facts about CBD

1.CBD is illegal and you can’t take it on a plane

This is a myth which is thankfully becoming less and less widespread however, there are still some people who believe this is true.

Fact: CBD oil is legal as long as it is made from plants of the Cannabis Sativa L species, which contains less than 0.2% of THC (that’s the compound which produces the high) and is grown in the EU from specially selected and certified seeds. It’s highly regulated and completely legal, and is considered to be a food supplement.

And, whilst we’re on the subject on legality… you can fly with CBD as long as it is legal is your destination country. So, for example, you should be able to bring CBD products onboard domestic flights within the UK, and international flights to the UK or any other country where CBD is legal. We still recommend contacting your flight provider and customs at your destination country in advance.

2. CBD will get you ‘high’

Fact: Until relatively recently, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was the most well-known compound in the cannabis plant. THC is what gives users the mind-altering ‘high’. CBD, on the other hand, does not contain THC and is not considered to be psychoactive. This means that CBD cannot produce the alterations in consciousness and awareness characteristic of the high from THC.

However, CBD can make you feel good though and is understood to boost mood and lessen anxiety. That’s because CBD boosts a natural feel-good chemical called Anandamide. Anandamide is an endocannabinoid which activates CB1 in the brain, but to a much lesser degree than THC. This alternative mechanism is what is thought to provide a sense of wellbeing from CBD – without the high.

3. CBD is addictive

Fact: This one can be debunked quickly and easily, because the WHO (World Health Organisation), who we’ve heard from quite a lot during the pandemic, concluded in a comprehensive report in 2017 that: “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”

4. CBD isn’t safe

Fact: What users should know about CBD is that modern scientists and doctors readily test it. Research repeatedly shows CBD to be a safe, non-addictive substance with a therapeutic profile with possible health benefits, including inflammation reduction and pain management.

In fact, the same WHO report which also found that CBD isn’t addictive also found it to be safe and not associated with in public health effects. And, in 2017 the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) also removed CBD from its banned substances list, which means athletes can now use CBD.

5. All CBD oil is the same

Fact: Not all CBD oil is created equal. And while it’s true that all CBD, as in the chemical compound, is the same at source, once that’s bundled together with other things it becomes a different story.

At Nutrivive, our CBD oil contains only the purest ingredients available on market today.

Our products are specially formulated and are the ideal entry point to CBD products for new customers. We use a lighter, but still potent dose of CBD, which makes our CBD oil perfect for beginners.

We use MCT, which acts as a carrier oil, to maximise bioavailability, this means your body is able easily and quickly absorb the CBD. Our pure CBD oil is free of unwanted chemicals or additives, whilst still containing a diverse selection of cannabinoids and terpenes, providing customers with the optimal CBD experience.

Every single batch of Nutrivive CBD oil goes through rigorous and mandatory batch testing to provide you with complete peace of mind. We use a trusted and credible third-party lab and post every single result here on our website.

We’re here for you

At Nutrivive, we understand everyone’s CBD journey is different, and if you’re just starting out and still aren’t sure if it’s right for you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have and we’ll do our best to provide you with the facts so that you can make an informed decision.

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