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About Nutrivive

Welcome to a world of natural wellness. Join us as we take you on this special journey refuelling your soul with happiness and tranquility

Here at Nutrivive, we’re determined to be a beacon shedding our light over the menopause community. A place where once everything was dark and hidden away and no one would dare utter “the M word”. We are here to change change the conversation and open up the eyes of society. We are the uplifters, the disrupters to the industry but most importantly… 

We are here for you.

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It is time for change

For many years “the change” has been a taboo subject where women, like yourself, are suffering and feel completely on their own. Menopause is a daunting time due to the many changes going on inside your body. It can disrupt your mental and physical well-being, However, with the lack of conversation and knowledge it has led women to not knowing if the symptoms they are experiencing are normal and or common. From hot flushes and mood swings to loss of libido and difficulty sleeping, menopause and perimenopause can be debilitating for many women. 

Are you feeling like a stranger in your own body? 

While the natural transition of menopause is a fact of life for almost all women, it is time to clear the air that continues to smoke the taboo subject. Society has been failing half the population for too long now and further stigmatising a subject that is already flooded in women crying out to feel listened to, understood and support. It was time for change.

We decided to run our own study to find out how women currently feel about menopause…

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Uplifting the whole community

The time has come to uplift each other as we rise to new heights soaring above the old society way of thinking. It is time to understand each other, be kind to each other and be there for one another.

Which is why created Nutrivive.

We are here to show you that life doesn’t ‘pause’ during menopause , it is in fact a time to understand yourself, to care for yourself and to feel understood by others. We wanted to create not only an empowering female brand, but a central hub where women- like yourself- can come to and feel safe, speak freely and share your feelings with others.You are welcome here, listened to here and appreciated here.

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What makes us different?


Trusting in nature

We aren’t separate from nature. We are nature. In destigmatizing and legitimizing the hemp plant, we break down barriers, honor and embrace its ancient wisdom, and unlock its immeasurable potential for good.


Back by science

Our CBD is organically grown in hemp farms in Colorado. Stringently tested by both by our in house testing facility and again by a 3rd party laboratory to ensure that our products are nothing but the highest quality.


Community support

We provide community support to everyone of our amazing customers to help guide them through the menopuase transition our experts are on hand when you need them. We also have a 24/7 live chat for any question our customers may have.

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FSA novel food approval

We are proud to say that we are one of a very small number of CBD suppliers in the U.K that has been granted permission from the FSA novel food to sell high quality CBD throughout the U.K.



We batch test every single product we make. On each product label there is a QR code that once scanned will take you to the 3rd party lab report for the exact product you are scanning.


Are you ready to feel the power of plantscription?

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Here is a little insight into
our key principles

The Science

We use nothing but pure and clean products with absolutely no harmful, harsh or unnatural ingredients. Every single Nutrivive product has our consumers health and safety at the forefront and we would never compromise this at any cost. From our sustainably grown ingredients, to our natural product formulas, we are devoted to produce nothing but clean, organic products the way nature intended them to be.


With every product, comes a series of conscious decisions, all aimed towards the same goal, ensuring our products have minimum impact on our beautiful planet. This starts with sustainability grown hemp, with minimum waste, all the way through to our product containers and packaging. We understand not every single material we use is 100% recyclable, as we also need to consider customer safety. We are continually working hard to find new innovative ways to overcome our shortfalls and one day we will achieve our goal of 100% renewable product materials.


We proudly batch test our products, which go through intense testing procedures to ensure that they surpass our extremely high standards for potency, purity and safety on a consistent basis. Each batch of products are firstly, tested in-house, before they are sent out to one of the most credible and well-respected labs in the U.K. to independently verify each batch.

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