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£47.49 or £40.37 / month

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High strength helps restore your body’s natural balance and energy levels while boosting feelings of happiness and calmness. Aches and pains? This ones for you! 2000mg helps reduce inflammation, aids recovery whilst giving you the nights sleep that you have been dreaming of!


Restore the natural balance in your body with high strength. Goodbye aches and pains, sleepless nights and nervous energy the all natural way!


CBD (of course) + MCT Oil






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Why 2000mg CBD oil

The strength of CBD oil will impact the effect it has on your body. This differs from person to person however, the higher the strength, the higher the impact. 

Modern life can be hectic and overwhelming at times which can have a severe impact on our sleep, which we sometimes forget the importance of! Sleep is essential to every process in your body, from affecting our body recovery, our mental health and well-being, our energy, our focus, our ability to fight disease, our metabolism, our sanity and well basically everything that is essential to feel happy, healthy and recovered.

Our 2000mg CBD oil is designed to help you relax and “close all tabs” allowing you to get the nights sleep that you have always been dreaming of. A few drops per night will help your busy mind become quiet and help you fall into a bubble of tranquility, to wake up feeling clear minded and refreshed! It is time to say goodbye to insomnia, restless nights and a busy brain… the natural way, with our 2000mg CBD oil!

How the 2000mg CBD oil can help your sleep

68% of adults struggle to have a good nights sleep. Difficulty sleeping is also one of the most common symptoms of menopause. You may sale feel stressed, anxious and experience hot flashes, which can all negatively impact your quality of sleep. However, sleep is an essential function that allows your body to recover and your mind to recharge.

Sometimes we need that extra something to help us close all tabs at night and that is… CBD!

But how does it help you sleep?

– This hemp derived compound is known to have an affect on the body’s endocannabinoid system which works in harmony with our sleep to wake system.  Allowing your body to get into a healthy rhythm of falling asleep and waking up at the same time each day.

– Taking CBD at night can help your mind naturally relax as it engages with receptors in our brain to facilitate relaxation and support healthy moods. This also helps us feel less overwhelmed and a lot more calm and clear minded.

– CBD can also allow us to feel a sense of calm and at peace. This is because CBD oil can promote the production of hormones that can help your mind feel balanced, happy and  calm. Two such hormones are serotonin and dopamine. These two hormones are responsible for keeping you content and calm and ease any anxious thoughts from creeping in.

How to take CBD oil

Step 1

Shake your bottle of CBD

Step 2

Fill the dropper with CBD and put your desired dosage under your tongue

Step 3

Hold under the tongue for 90 seconds and then swallow

When is the best time to take CBD?

When to take CBD oil


– Start your day with clarity
– Reduced brain fog
– Promotes a balanced healthy state of mind
– Relaxes the mind and promotes happy moods
– Increases energy levels
– Aids recover


– Energises your mind
– Natural mid-day pick me up
– Eases Stress
– Reduces nervous energy


– Relaxes the mind
– Calming and sedating effect
– Deeper more relaxed sleep
-Erases running thoughts
– Helps you wind down and ‘close all tabs’
– Feel moments of tranquility

CBD dosage

We recommend taking 2-3 drops of CBD oil under your tongue each morning and night for the first week.

Each drop contains 10mg of CBD, meaning that taking 3 drops will be 30mg CBD each morning and night.

At the end of week 1 if you feel like you need a little more you can increase your dose by one drop every second day until you feel the desired effect that you are looking for.

We suggest taking no more than 70mg CBD per day.

Check this out If you want to go in detail and find out more about your CBD dosage.

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Frequently asked questions

At Nutrivive, We take time to perfect our products, which means that when we release a new product on to the market, our customers will get the best possible option there is to buy. This is a lengthily process but the results are worth the wait. So for that reason, when our products do finally reach the market, we don’t want our customers to wait any longer. This is why we offer fast, safe next day UK delivery options that ensure we can quickly get you on your CBD journey and get the results you require. To review all our delivery options visit our “shipping and returns policy” here.

When you are taking CBD for the first time it should b treated as though it is the beginning of a journey and this is the starting point. This is because every single persons body reacts to CBD differently, meaning the starting point my be close to one persons sweet spot, where as another person may have to gradually build up to find the perfect dose. One of the main reasons people say that CBD isn’t working is because they are not taking the right amount of CBD that their body needs or they don’t give CBD enough time that it needs to build up in their system and achieve the desired results. our trial and test method is to slowly increase the dose and monitor the results to identify when you hit the magic dose.

So where should you start? Well we would usually suggest that between 15mg – 25mg would be considered a low starting point and gradually increase the dose by 5mg – 10mg over time to see if there any additional benefit that can be felt. Once you finally increase the dose and don’t feel any added benefit, you have finally arrived at your optimal dose. Another thing to keep in mind is that consistency is key when taking CBD. CBD can take time to build up in your system and depending on what you are taking it for, it could take time to eventually get the maximum results. We would suggest taking it once in the morning and then once again before bed, but this will totally depend what you are taking it for and there may be more suitable times for you to take it. It all comes back to personal preference and requirements.

All the content and information on dosing is good and all, but really it comes down to trial and error. 

As you will already know, there are so many different CBD brands out there to choose from, but how do you know that these companies can be trusted? We understand that consumers may have their doubts when it comes to trusting some of the claims that companies make, especially if they have had a disappointing past experience. Yes, its true, not all CBD brands and CBD products are made the same, and some will even disappoint you to the point that you are sceptical about the whole concept. But, here at Nutrivive, we aim to put an end to any past doubt or disappointment.

When you buy from Nutrivive, you get more than just industry setting standards of CBD products. You get a brand, who above all else, aims to optimise your overall health and wellness, through our range of products and educational content, which not only provides the amazing benefits that CBD offer, but also equips you with the information, training and ability to adapt to an overall healthier life style. We know that as amazing as CBD products are, they wont get you there alone, which is why you need the additional elements that make up the road to the best you.

Nutrivive is a family run business, but we see our customers as our family and it is our responsibility to provide as much information as we can, to try and help each and everyone of them achieve the best health possible. So this is why when you become part of the Nutrivive family you will receive unlimited beneficial information and content, aimed to help you strive towards optimal wellness. But, just encase you are still not convinced that Nutrivive is for you, make your you check out our “A guide to CBD: thing to know before buying” blog, which will ensure you know exactly what to look for when choosing which brand is right for you.